Our Team

Adam - DJ/Owner


From a young age I was always interested in music. One of the first groups I was introduced to by my father was The Beach Boys. I loved their sound and great vocals as I still do today. Growing up with my dad listening to 50’s and 60’s Rock n’ Roll and my mother listening to country music I got to know both ends of the spectrum. As I grew older I began to play music on my father’s reel to reel and his 45’s. Thats when I found the love of playing music for others.With some cash in hand I went to Radio Shack, bought my first mixer and hooked it up to a set of home stereo speakers. The big ones we had in the 80’s and 90’s, Oak with black front. They were great.  Two  Sony CD players and I was set. My first Gig was was booked, a family pool party at my uncle’s house, and I rocked it. The rest is history. This was back in about 1995. Big change from then to today. Anything is possible with dedication!Interests: Camping, Photography, Music, Trains, Emergency services, swimming, the beach & Family 

Mark - Emcee/Event Coordinator


Growing up as the youngest sibling of three, I learned early on that my outgoing personality and ability to entertain folks was a  unique talent that I greatly enjoyed. The first memory of this nature which stands out to me was my impeccable Steve Urkel  impersonation, “Did I do that?” from the TV sitcom “Family Matters”. Although looking back this is a slightly embarrassing childhood memory, it was the starting point in my journey and passion for having fun while entertaining others.In addition to an inherent passion for entertaining, I have developed an appreciation for a wide variety of music from my love for the folk roots of Bob Dylan to the new hits of Bruno Mars and everything in between. As my current role of emcee, I greatly enjoy making sure everyone at your next party has an enjoyable time making the memories that last a lifetime.